Japan 2012 – Restaurant of the Month: Crown Restaurant

When most people think of teppanyaki, Benihana is what typically comes to mind.  I haven’t been to teppanyaki in years, not many options here in my city of Toronto so when my cousin M and her husband suggested going for teppanyaki at Crown Restaurant for dinner I jumped at the chance.  Teppanyaki is Japanese cuisine that is prepared/cooked on a hot griddle right in front of you, really entertaining as you get to watch the chef.  Crown is located in the Westin Nagoya Castle Hotel and to be honest, I expected the food to be of the highest quality but what I didn’t anticipate was the FABULOUS view of Nagoya Castle from our table.  Beaming from the darkness of its grounds, the beauty of Nagoya Castle just takes your breath away!  Here are some of the photos from the night – unfortunately my photos don’t do it justice so you’ll just have to go to Nagoya one day!  If you look really closely you can see the two kinshachi (golden dolphins) that adorn the ridge of the castle’s roof!  Stunning!

View of Nagoya Castle from our table - Imagine beams of light shooting up from the castle (I know, horrible shot!).

The teppanyaki chef starts to cook our meals on the griddle

Flambe - grilling the steaks

Raw ingredients for the main "steak" course

Seared lobster

Seared tuna




  • Helene Wong Helene Wong April 26, at 19:09

    The lobster and the seared tuna look yum! The view also yum! :)


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