Japan 2012: Morning Service

This trip to Japan was my first time visiting and staying in Nagoya.  Ok, its actually my second – the first visit was when I was 13 years old and only for the day so I don’t remember much.  Nagoya is the 4th largest city in Japan and they have built a tradition in their coffee shops called “Morning Service”.  It is a boiled egg and toast that is served free of charge with any beverage order – yes, you read right, FREE (before 11am)!  And this free service is available at all cafes and coffee shops across the city regardless – mom & pop shops or at big chains.  Who said Japan is expensive – frankly, food is pretty reasonably priced and the quality and freshness is far better than what you could get in North America at that price!  During my stay, my cousin and I would go almost every morning to a coffee shop chain called Komeda (a chain native to Nagoya).  In addition to the morning service, the chain is also famous for their sweet pastry dish – “shirono-whirl”.  Its part puff pastry, part brioche topped with soft-serve and drizzled with maple syrup.  YUM!

Our Komeda breakfast - an iced latte with a boiled egg and toast!

Morning service menu at Komeda

Shirono-whirl - their signature sweet, a perfect treat for the afternoon!

Komeda coffee shop

The very first Komeda coffee shop - it all started here!




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