Japan 2012: Monjayaki

I’ve been to Japan a number of times over the years including a 5 month stint in Tokyo during graduate school.  Yet, every time I go back I discover something new! This time it was “Monjayaki”.  Monjayaki is originally from the Tokyo area and is similar to a vegetable pancake but with a very liquid batter.  The batter is then pan-fried – think melted cheese on a grill.  You then eat it directly off the flat grill by scraping the batter with small spatulas.  Can you tell that the Japanese love to “work for their food”!  I know that this may not sound delicious but if you love “melted/fried cheese” which I DO…..you will love monjayaki!

My cousin and her husband took me to a dive in downtown Nagoya that specializes in monjayaki!

Ingredients for the monjayaki.

Making monjayaki - similar to the start of pasta making, you begin with a well and you slowly incorporate the liquid with the dry (vegetables & cheese).

Monjayaki cooking away on the teppanyaki grill.

Using the mini spatula to scrap off the cooked bits





  • thecircleofit thecircleofit April 16, at 17:18

    can i just say...LOVE the japanese mind!!! this meal is like heaven on a plate! genius!!!! there is so much to write about when it comes to japanese food that your entire blog can be just about that!!!!


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