Japan 2012: Depachika

If you were to ask me to list my top favourite things to do in Japan, wandering through a depachika would be near the top of the list.  Every department store in Japan has a “depachika” – “depa” is short for department, “chika” means basement. The lower floor depachika is dedicated to all things food and you know when you enter it as you notice the increase in noise level and foot traffic.  Japan is a country full of convenience and its food completely reflects this need for convenience.  However, they are not willing to forego quality hence the popularity of ready-made foods where busy salarymen/women can pop into their depachika always located at major train stations and easily pick up lunch/dinner.  I’ve spent a few days visiting depachikas and the photos here were taken at the depachika in Takashimaya located at JR Nagoya Station.  I’m getting hungry!

A shop dedicated to all things maki rolls - one of my favourite foods I love to indulge in!

Chirashi - my favourite japanese dish, sashimi over a bed of rice. Available at the depachika sushi shop.

A shop making all types of fish dishes.

Steamed bun stuffed with pork.

A shop in the depachika dedicated to making croquettes.

Various ready-made dishes.




  • Helene Wong Helene Wong April 26, at 19:14

    You are making me feel hungry! :) I thought a trip to Japan would be about cherry blossoms, zen, and sushi - you've opened my eyes to the many more types of food to try!


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