House Party!

Who knew that when I joined a new Dragon Boat team last year that I would meet other fellow paddlers who love food as much as I do!  A small group of us have started to host a rotating house party and the second rotation was at MA’s apartment and she cooked up a storm.  Everything homemade: pasta bolognese, Chicken adobo, marinated chicken wings and a bean salad.  All the dishes were delicious, my favourite would have to be the chicken adobo.  I’ve had the traditional filipino dish before but not made from scratch – the chicken was marinated and potatoes tender.  Great food and friends makes for a fun night!  Thanks MA for being such a gracious host – who’s hosting the next party?

Feast at MA’s apartment!

MA’s homemade chicken adobo – YUM!

MA’s bean salad!

MA’s marinated chicken wings

Shots of Soho – I know this photo has nothing to do with food but its not a party unless there’s shot glasses involved 🙂




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