Restaurant of the Month: Grand Electric

Restaurant of the Month: Grand Electric

When my colleague J mentioned that a boyfriend of a friend of hers opened a new restaurant, we just had to check it out – especially when she mentioned that he used to work at the Black Hoof.  After work

Restaurant of the Month: The County General

It was a mom theme this past weekend and rightly so as Sunday was Mother’s Day.  I kicked off the weekend with brunch at the County General with one of my favourite moms, my friend M.  I’ve heard a lot

Japan 2012 – Restaurant of the Month: Crown Restaurant

When most people think of teppanyaki, Benihana is what typically comes to mind.  I haven’t been to teppanyaki in years, not many options here in my city of Toronto so when my cousin M and her husband suggested going for

Restaurant of the Month: Yours Truly

Most of the restaurants on my “Must Try” list are recommendations through colleagues, friends and word of mouth.  To my surprise (although it probably shouldn’t be), this month’s restaurant has been touted as one of the top restaurants in Toronto

Restaurant of the Month: Campagnolo

If you love italian, you will love this Campagnolo!  Like Black Hoof (January’s restaurant of the month), I found this restaurant on enRoute magazine and seeing that it is located just a few shops down from Black Hoof, I figure,

Restaurant of the Month: The Black Hoof

I love trying out restaurants and I often feel like my list of must-try restaurants gets longer and longer.  This past Thursday I was finally able to cross one restaurant off my list – The Black Hoof!  I first read