Happy Halloween!

For all the Halloween partiers, this past weekend was “the weekend” for Halloween parties.  I had two parties on Saturday night and so I had to split my time between the two.  As a result, I was only able to

Dinner Party: September Birthdays!

We’ve still been going strong with the rolling dinner party tour and for the month of September the stop was at my fellow teammate M’s condo.  Not only was she hosting but it was her birthday as well.  What was

Happy Thanksgiving!

We do turkey three times a year so I’m always looking forward to the holidays especially when it involves the “big bird”.  And every time we do turkey, well, I only know how to do turkey the way my mom

Dinner Party: Indian Tapas

Throughout the summer, we have been taking turns hosting dinner parties and the this month, it was my friend S’s turn.  Her theme, Indian!  Now I grew up in a predominately Sikh Indian neighborhood northwest of Toronto so samosas, pakoras

Chinese Wedding Reception

I’ve only been to one other Chinese wedding in my lifetime so I was excited to be attending my friend E’s dinner reception.  The dinner was hosted at Yang’s Fine Chinese Cuisine in Richmond Hill (North of Toronto).  And from

After Wedding Tea Reception

Earlier this year, my friend E asked us (G, H and M) for help with her wedding in planning her tea reception that she was going to hold immediately after her wedding ceremony.  She wanted to keep her dinner reception

House Party!

Who knew that when I joined a new Dragon Boat team last year that I would meet other fellow paddlers who love food as much as I do!  A small group of us have started to host a rotating house


Since my bread making class and my trip out to Mr. Martin’s farm last weekend, I was inspired to use some of the goodies I had purchased from the farm and try my hand at baking something I’ve never tried

Sushi for beginners

My good friend Designwali mentioned to me that her kids have recently been talking about wanting to try sushi.  So I decided to invite them over for a Japanese-themed dinner with sushi and “temaki – handrolls”.  In addition to ordering