After Wedding Tea Reception

Earlier this year, my friend E asked us (G, H and M) for help with her wedding in planning her tea reception that she was going to hold immediately after her wedding ceremony.  She wanted to keep her dinner reception

Afternoon Tea at The Corinthia Hotel

We’re more than one week into the 2012 London Olympics and I’ve been glued to all the action trying to catch as much of the Canadian team as I can.  And as I watch all the broadcasts, it reminds me

Afternoon Tea with the Girlfriends

My first afternoon tea experience ever was at the Four Seasons in Toronto and I’ve compared every subsequent afternoon tea to it.  Since then, I’ve been to London and frankly the British know how to do tea – however, the

In Memory Of….

I’ve been feeling sad today as my best friend  B lost her mom.  As I try to write it is difficult to put into words how she must be feeling and how my heart goes out to her and her