Caribbean Bistro

I have a group of Japanese family friends where the parents would always get together at parties and BBQs and naturally, the kids would as well – so we all sort of grew up together.  As we all went to university and started working in the real world, we all went our separate ways but our parents remain to be our connection!  Recently, one of them, our friend H, came back to Toronto to visit her family from Tokyo, Japan and we all got together for dinner to catch up.  She felt like roti so our friend N suggested Caribbean Bistro located in mid-town.  I don’t often eat roti so this was a treat for myself too.  I ordered jerk chicken roti, jerk chicken wings (pretty spicy!) and dumplings (or phulourie)!  All the food was fantastic with so much flavour!  My friend ordered a side of coleslaw – I highly recommend it, sweet and creamy!  But, the best item on the menu……the ginger beer!  The ginger beer is made by Solo but the owner, Sheila sprinkles a little secret spice on top just before serving it!  It is one of the best carbonated drinks I have ever had – bubbly and spicy, it definitely has a kick….a must try!

Caribbean Bistro - ginger beer

Ginger beer with a secret spice sprinkled on top!

Caribbean bistro - phulourie

Phulourie – chickpea dumplings with tamarind chutney.

Inside phulourie

Inside the phulourie – fluffy and light!

Caribbean bistro - jerk chicken wings

Jerk chicken wings – new to the menu, these were falling off the bone and spicy!

Caribbean bistro - jerk chicken roti

Roti stuffed with jerk chicken, rice and potato.

Caribbean bistro - coleslaw

A side of coleslaw.

Caribbean Bistro - jerk chicken platter

Jerk chicken combo.


Caribbean Bistro

Caribbean Bistro – if you look closely, you can see the owner!





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