Brunch: Cafe Belong

Brunch: Cafe Belong

I have a group of girlfriends from my days in graduate school that like to go for brunch/afternoon tea every so often.  Our usual jaunt is O&B Cafe but we thought we would try something different and my friend G suggested Cafe Belong.  Cafe Belong is in a unique location within the Evergreen Brick Works – an environmental centre run by a national charity.  Dying to find a new place to have a good meal and chat with friends, we decided to check it out.  My friends G, H, M and E got together for brunch and atmosphere was very comfortable and casual – perfect for a lazy weekend.  Little did I know that Cafe Belong is owned by executive chef Brad Long who, if anyone watches restaurant makeover knows who I’m talking about!  I ordered the smoked trout frittata and it was delicious!  It arrived at the table in a small green individual Le creuset crock pot, the eggs light and fluffy with a good sized trout filet – on top sat a bitter salad and pickled vegetables.  It was a perfect size for a brunch meal, light yet satisfying and at a very reasonable price, $18.  The cafe also makes their own grab and go menu – brownies, scones, etc. and best of all, their own sodas!  The hibiscus soda was refreshing!  If you’re looking for a great place for brunch, this is it!

Cafe Belong at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto

Smoked Trout Frittata with bitter salad and pickled vegetables.

Oatmeal pancakes with bourbon peaches.

Eggs Charlotte – poached eggs and hollandaise on a biscuit.




  • diaryofachefswife diaryofachefswife June 13, at 00:15

    Great post! I've been really wanting to visit Cafe Belong. Brad Long used to be the executive chef where Vince works and so they worked together a bit. Then Chef Long left to open Veritas (now owned by someone else) and so Vince and I decided to have our wedding reception there (you know, since we knew the food would be awesome). We're huge Brad Long fans so we're happy to hear that you had a good experience. It's next up on my list!

    • naokoeats naokoeats June 13, at 21:51

      wow! To have your wedding reception catered by Brad Long, must have been such a great meal! Any other chefs you're a fan of?


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