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Every Saturday morning at 10am, I attend a paddling clinic for 2 hours to practice and learn how to paddle better.  I know what your thinking, do I do anything other than paddle 🙂 And sometimes I feel like its all I do!  But what’s great about paddling is looking forward to eating out with teammates afterwards!  Especially if its for brunch!  We found this great place literally “Around the Corner” from the gym.  Its attached to the “The Village Butcher” and as you approach the front patio, you see two large BBQs/Smokers billowing a steady stream of smoke so you know the meat has to be decent.  This place is tiny with only 7 tables.  And with only one chef, well I’m going to warn you, you will be waiting for a good 45 minutes for your food.  However, I must say, the food is delicious!  I got the 2 eggs and bacon breakfast and the bacon was smokey, salty and thick cut!  Some of the best bacon I have had!  I highly recommend this place if you’re not in a rush, everything is homemade and freshly made (including the OJ), its too bad the service doesn’t match.

My breakfast – 2 eggs, scrambled with bacon, home fries, multi-grain bread and fruit. YUM!


Close up of my bacon – look how thick the cut is and the bits of crackle, the smokey flavour was delish!

The House Signature Dish Hash – looks really yummy! Beef, red peppers, spinach, caramelized onions and potatoes topped with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce!

Inside Around the Corner

Around the Corner – if you look closely, you can see the smokers in the bottom right corner of the picture.







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