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London: Aqua Kyoto

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We all know that London, England has some of the best restaurants in the world and one of the advantages of having friends who call London their home is getting to hear some of their restaurant adventures!  An although I’ve probably visited London more than most, I don’t think I will ever visit enough times to get to try everything so I love living vicariously through my friends.  R, a dear friend of mine, went out with colleagues to a trendy restaurant/bar called Aqua Kyoto, part of Aqua London.  Originally from Hong Kong, Aqua London is a series of 3 concept restaurants/bar: one japanese inspired, one spanish inspired (Aqua Nueva) and the last, a bar called Aqua Spirit.  The dishes look appetizing but according to R, the crab, salmon, sea bass and black cod were delicious!  I might just have to check this place out myself on my next trip to London!

Aqua London

Aqua Kyoto – the main dining room and sushi bar.


Assorted sashimi.

Shrimp tempura and dipping sauce.


Crab, sea bass and black cod dishes.

Assorted sushi.




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