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Sushi for beginners

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My good friend Designwali mentioned to me that her kids have recently been talking about wanting to try sushi.  So I decided to invite them over for a Japanese-themed dinner with sushi and “temaki – handrolls”.  In addition to ordering  a variety of vegetarian and tuna rolls, salmon nigiri and gyoza (Japanese dumplings), I also decided to make some handrolls and serve it family-style – growing up, temaki was my favourite way to eat sushi where my mom would prepare all the maki fillings, sushi rice and nori which would allow us to be creative and make our own handrolls.  I was a bit nervous as we all know that sushi is an acquired taste but suffice it to say, it was a success!  I love making people happy through food – I’m definitely my mother’s daughter :)

Sushi platters – vegetarian maki, spicy tuna rolls and salmon nigiri.

Temaki – family style sushi making your own handrolls. Fillings include smoked salmon, avocado, tamago (egg), cucumber, shitake and rice with squares of nori.

Temaki – smoked salmon and avocado handroll.

Gyoza – Japanese dumplings.


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  1. Kids told everyone how they had such great night and how yummy the sushi was!


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