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Japan 2012: Kaiten-zushi

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I know what you’re thinking….how is it that I have written about Japan for the past five weeks and not mention sushi!  Living in Toronto, there is only one kaiten-zushi or what we call, conveyor-belt sushi, restaurant in the city that I know of.  Definitely a more popular and fun way to eat sushi in Japan, almost similar to eating dim sum where you can see what you want before taking it, the sushi plates slowly travel down the belt!  Only problem, if you see the dish coming down the belt, it can be snatched before it gets to your table – unless you order it directly from the sushi chef behind the belt.  This particular kaiten-zushi is in Hiroshima and the largest one I’ve seen.  The belt snakes its way through the entire restaurant surrounding 8-10 sushi chefs constantly making sushi.  Average price 105yen per plate – so reasonably priced!

Designwali, wish I could take your daughter here for her first sushi experience :)

Sushi assortment – my favourite is the tamago (egg) on the far right.

Kaiten-zushi – plates of sushi moving along the conveyor belt.

Kaiten-zushi Restaurant

Evidence of our meal – empty plates!

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    Also, awesome work! ;)


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